Maine Highlights

We had the. best. time. in Maine. In the interest of time (and sanity), I thought that I would compact our 500+ pictures into a few that really tell the story of our vacation.

In no particular order...

A horrible picture really, but I take pride in this fish that I caught with my (count em') FIRST cast off the dock! I was content from there on out with my fishing adventures.

My sweet nephew, Cutter, getting ready to hit the lake on the inner tube. Also known as Pure. Bliss. to an 8 year old.

Our lake house reflecting on the still water

Beauty seen from our dock

Mama & Papa at Lucia beach

I think we have decided on a name (hint hint)

My sister, mom and me ready to head into town

Taking full advantage of the sea kayaks provided to us for the week

Trying my hand as a Photog ;)

I love this guy from the back...

and front. 5 weeks left by the way!

The whole family ready to sail for my Mom and Dad's surprise birthday gift

My sister and husband enjoying the sail

Mi madre y padre

Evening boat ride

My brother, Byron

Our attemp at maternity / couple photos. No one told me that you really shouldn't sit for pictures at 8+ months

Our Lobster (aka 'Lobsta' whilst in Maine) feast. And, yes, my husband looks frightening.
Plenty of sun and relaxation

My favorite

The harbor in Camden

Maine Lighthouse

I highly recommend Maine as a destination for your next vacation. We had the best time and it was simply gorgeous.

Now it's really go-time with baby on her way in just a few short weeks - stay tuned!


Russ and Kara said...

What a great trip! I can see why you took so many pictures, it's beautiful! I can't believe you are in the home stretch. I know that it's hard to wait, believe me, but please try to enjoy your last few weeks :) Pregnancy is not the same with baby number two.

Leighdleblog said...

Beautiful pictures and you look amazing! I CANNOT wait to meet little Logan. I am glad your trip was so fun! Tell your family hello...and yes, it is GREAT to have Mike back around.
Love ya!