Baby Must Haves

I debated on doing one of these posts.  Really, I did.

The blogosphere is full of them from just about every new parent and I am pretty sure that no one is going to rush out to buy said items based on one girl's tales.

But, alas, I couldn't resist. As a 5-week old newbie mom, I find these items so fantastic that they are worthy of their own, slightly cheesy, "must have" post.

Without further ado:

Aiden & Anais Swaddle Blankets.  While I had heard of these before LMK was born, I did not buy any.  I thought...how great could a swaddle blanket be?  Well, I am hear to tell you, GREAT!  I received these as a gift from my sister and not only are they super soft and very cute, they are practical!  Their large stretchy, square shape makes them a breeze for swaddling and keeping baby tightly wrapped all night.  They are also my favorite blankets for covering her in the carseat, draping over the stroller and laying on the floor.  I love them.

Wee Gallery Black & White Art Cards.  Again, at 5 weeks, I resisted on buying any special play things for baby.  But I have heard feedback on these cards before and have given them as gifts and now I know why.  Logan looks at these images for great lengths of time.  Before purchasing these, she would get bored while lying in her crib, even with a musical mobile.  She focuses on the contrast of these black and white images and stares at the cards that I line up in her crib, bassinet or pack n play for a good hour or so.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags.  Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, these are fantastic.  They save you the hassle of sterilizing equipment and parts after each use and work in just 2 minutes.  With two ounces of water, this bag and the microwave, items will be sterilized and ready for the next use on the spot.  These have been a life saver and can be taken anywhere that you go!

Large Cloth Diapers for Burping.  No frills, no cute designs and are sure to destroy the look of any outfit your are wearing.  But they do the job.  Well.  These have soaked up massive amounts of spit up and can clean baby and yourself in a pinch.  I LOVE all of my other burp cloths, but have to say when spit up rolls off of them and onto your back rather than get absorbed, you quickly choose function over fashion...

That's it.  A fairly modest list.  I love many other items including our pack n play, our stroller, etc. but these are the items that I find myself saying on a daily basis, "this is a must have!"

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