Morning Musings

I have a few minutes this morning before we head to Grandma's house for the day, so I thought I would drop in and say, "hi".

Logan is now 6 weeks old and time is a-flying.  Logan gave us her first smiles last week and I am pretty certain that Grandma Jane was the very first to experience her grin.  It really was priceless, as her whole face lights up when she decides to smile and her eyes truly get twinkly.  Oh sigh...a mother's perspective anyways.  We have yet to capture one on camera, but when we do, you can be the judge :)

Logan also met her first boyfriend, Trey, on Friday.  Our friends Brian and Sara welcomed this amazing little boy into the world on Sept 13th and I am pretty sure it's a match made in heaven.  We are all about arranged marriages, haha.

I have been keeping plenty busy and feel like I may be starting to get the hang of this parenting thing.  I have learned to take her 3 hour fussy period in stride and not get buried in the books trying to figure out what in the heck I am doing wrong.  I have also learned that this girl loves to move!  My legs and hips get a constant work out and I am pretty sure that I will permanently sway from side to side even when I am sans baby from this day forward.  Someone asked if I was on the move a lot during pregnancy and the answer would be, YES!  I am horrible at sitting still, taking naps and the like.  But if someone would have told me that this would have affected the little one inside, I sure would have sat around a lot more during pregnancy!

 I am finally able to work out again and have been trying to ease into running these past few days.  It feels good to get out and to actually have a plan to shed the last few pounds of baby weight.

My running, however, is no match to my husband's who is in the midst of training for a marathon.  That's right, my boyfriend is a work out machine.  Biking, running, core training.  He really makes me look bad.  It's hard to let him take the time for all this training, but I know how important it is to him and as they say, it really does make him a better husband, friend and father when he feels good.  C'est la vie.

We have also been bachelorette partying, beer festing, Fat Tire touring, house warming, baby visiting, doctor appointment-ing, baseball game going, company having, wedding guesting, picture taking and other general craziness the past few weeks.  Ah, and I start back to work in ONE week.  Pray that I don't lose my mind, will you?

Lastly, thank goodness for Moby wraps!  While intimidating at first, these fabric wraps really do work wonders.  (and thank you, Erin, for the suggestion!)

Have a great week!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

You are so funny... did you realize you called Chris your "boyfriend" in the marathon paragraph? Haha :)

Kate said...

Random Comment: Is your dinning set from World Market? Verona Collection? If yes, do you like it? I'm contemplating it for our new dinning room... if we actually get this house...

Also you and Logan look adorable all snuggled up!

Rebecca said...

Gosh you look GREAT!!!

Brandee said...

You...Are...AMAZING! And holly pretty mama, look at that pic! I am soooo happy for BT, his lady and their new addition and can't wait for the impending arranged marriage. :) So happy for you!

Tiffany said...

Well, thank you all!

Amanda, yes, I did catch that and thought I would play off a little Bower Power :) And Kate, the table is from WM and it is our favorite piece in our house by far! I say go for it but wait for their dining set sales...