Birthday Treats and a Visit

My sister and sweet nephew were in town the past couple of days and paid a visit to Logan.  We had a great time in the short period that they were here!

We got to celebrate Cutter's 9th birthday at the indoor skydiving center - it was so fun to watch him.  He may be a pro one of these days.  And, I was treated with a few early birthday gifts from my sister.  I am SO excited about what she gave me, that I had to share:

 A Land's end carry-all bag which is great for travel, the mountains, the beach, the car, etc.

Aiden and Anais baby swaddle blankets.  These are one of my favorite baby gifts yet and I didn't even know I wanted them.  They are a must if you are expecting or have a little one.  They are made of bamboo and are so soft plus they are extra large so you can really wrap baby tight.  Aren't they super cute?

Alex and Ani recycled goldbracelets.  I just plain love these.  Feast Spanish Dark Chocolate from Charlotsville, Va.  I love dark chocolate but am also a sucker for the way things are packaged.  I love how this hunk is wrapped in butcher paper.

I always know that my sister picks out some great things, but this year's gift was especially special!

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