"Shoulder to Shoulder we will Fight, Fight, FightFightFight!"

...And that would be about all I know to our fight song.  Although I attended most CU football games in college, I couldn't tell you a single memory from the field, but I can tell you plenty from the stands. 

I admit to being a bit green when it comes to Football.  I root for teams based on uniforms, underdog stats and whether or not I think that their coach seems like a "good guy".  Hmm.

But that doesn't mean I don't LOVE me some football season.  Lazy afternoons, hot cider, chili dogs, Fall beer, crunchy leaves under your feet while walking to the stadium, going to football parties, etc.  I look forward to laying around on Saturday and Sunday afternoon with Chris to watch whatever game is on and I secretly get a little bit excited when I hear the NFL theme song on tv all season.  Oh, and I really like to dress the part in my Alma Mater to make things complete.

This year is no different except for the fact that I also have a little one to dress as well.  And...she can wear bows.  Fun!  Logan is all set to watch a few games.  She has even been practicing her touchdown pose!

Chris will be sporting CSU apparel and we will not be supporting him on this blog, hah.  Even though I must admit that their team has put us to shame in several years past, regardless of the fact that they compete in a different division (wow, I do know something!)

Cheers and Go Buffs!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Love her little flowery onesie!! I can't wait for (Michigan) football season and your chili party- highlights of my fall!

Russ and Kara said...

Logan's binkie looks huge in that picture!! I love her touchdown pose.

leslie said...

Love your blog Tiffany - Logan is adorable!

Rebecca said...

She is so cute!!!

Elizabeth said...

Just delurking to say that Logan is adorable! And to ask where you got her super cute onesies? We need some long sleeved ones, and I haven't seen any that cute anywhere before.