Teddy Bears, Pooh Bears and Gummy Bears Oh My! **

** Please note the sarcastic undertones **


Forgive me if I offend, but this is how I feel about the Park Hill play groups that I recently signed up for.  My intentions were to meet other moms and babes in my neighborhood so that I could:

A) get out of the house with purpose
B) find a few amigos for Logan
C) possibly make cocktail buddies with another couple
D) find a walking partner who also has to tote along a stroller
E) put a few babysitting resources in my pocket
F) have all of the above if I was lucky

The problem?  I am too turned off by the play group names to even give them a try.

Yep, I am totally judging the books (or should I say bears?) by their cover.  Horrible, I know.  In fact, I almost feel guilt.

But I mean come on, why the cutesy names?  Can't we just call it what it is?  How about the '0-6 month' play group?  Or the 'Wednesday' group.  I may even take legit animals ('Grizzly Bears') over their candy counterparts ('Gummy Bears'). One thing for sure is that getting an e-mail a day from the various stuffed bear clubs is sending this mama and her cub (sorry, couldn't resist) running in the opposite direction.  I am still confused at why having a baby constitutes the need to talk in code?

Anyhow, I have just successfully 'unsubscribed' myself from my first attempt at being a social mom.  Just to maintain a little dignity...


Kate said...

No Kiddos & Cocktails? No Babies & Booze?

Sad panda (I know, another bear).

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Kate, you crack me up.