Logan + Bumbo = Mom and Dad in Hysterics

Haha.  Pretty cute, huh?  We get a kick out of watching her in here.

Although the pictures don't show it, she really does like this little contraption.  I think it's the big black camera that she's more confused/terrified/blinded by.  She will be sitting, smiling and laughing and the second I go to take a picture and it flashes, she gets very perplexed.  It's too funny.

LMK is doing great these days.  She is smiling and laughing and thisclose to rolling over.  

What she is not doing, however, is providing her mom with any sort of schedule.  Seriously, I am talking eat, fall asleep for 20 minutes,cry, play, eat, fall asleep for an hour, play, eat, cry, sleep for two hours.  Despite my MANY efforts I have failed at the schedule thing and it's killing me.  I'm pretty sure this is what I get for being semi-neurotic about routine, hah!  She has even regressed in her sleeping patterns.  Up twice a night nearly every night for the past week and a half.  I am counting on it being a growth spurt (and by looking at that first picture, it may very well be) but it still doesn't make it any easier.  And, at 8:45 she is still sleeping from her 6:00am wake up feed this morning.  So much for her 9:30 morning nap time that I have been trying to establish.  Oy.  It's going to be a long day!


Martin Family said...

Have you tried-or read Baby Wise??? My sister got me on that book and the schedule has been a miracle worker for our family-good luck with the schedule-its soooo frustrating that they make their own no matter how hard we try! She is adorable!!!

Tiffany said...

YES! That's been my "bible" if you will but I think it's part of the problem, ha. Logan is so off course from the book and I am trying so hard to get her on course, that it's making it even more frustrating! Every scenario the book has as an "exception" to the rule, Logan does, heheh. It is a great book though, I agree. It got us through the first three months pretty darn well.