The day to day

I often wonder about what to blog.  I have a  hundred thoughts and even more distractions at any given moment.  I keep a list about good post ideas so that I don't forget (yes, I am that nerdy) but when I review at the end of the day, I am usually long over them.  I don't take pictures daily and I fear that my day to day is a bit mundane.  But this evening, it will have to do.

What Chris is up to:
- Working.  Lots.  He leaves the house at 5:45 am and does not return until 5 or 6 at night.   He rarely complains because he is just like that.  So I complain for him.  Such a long day!
- Biking.  Chris loves his bike(s).  He has three of them.  It's kind of annoying impressive.  Hobby-less he is not.
- Loving Logan.  Every minute.  Tonight I caught him on the monitor tucking her in the way he insists is best, reading her "Goodnight Denver" in several different inflections, and talking to her about her day.  Very sweet.

What I am up to:
- Working.  Home M-T, Office W-F.  It's a good deal.
- Just cleaned out my closet.  Do you know what a thrill this gives me?  Organized clothing options.  Random hangers gonzo.  Color coordinated.  Goodwill pile established.  Consignment pile ready to go (I justify new purchases this way - ha).  New clothes (thanks to J-Crew Banana and LOFT outlets) in their new home.
- Baking with my Kitchen Aid.  To say I am obsessed is putting it mildly.  I have vowed to bake once a week.  And I have succeeded.  Today's goodies: Banana Walnut muffins.
- Feeling overwhelmed by the new "gallery wall" that I took on.  I now have to find 8 frame worthy pictures to fill the stock photo void that: a) make a statement and b) showcase our lives while c) not being too "showy" yet are d) fun and lighthearted but e) are the real us.  Oh the pressure.  Does taking, choosing, printing and framing photos stress anyone else out?
- Figuring out this mom business.  It's awesome.  It's tough.  It's hilarious.  It makes you cry.  It makes you excited to wake up.  It makes you do A LOT of laundry.  It has the odd the ability to make you sleep better than you've ever slept before while inheriting the trait to detect the slightest noises coming from your babies bedroom.  It's a bit of a juxtaposition.

What Logan is up to:
- Teething.  Two pearlies ready to make an appearance.  Enough said.
- Laughing hysterically when you dance with her, sing to her, "eat" her toes, fingers, etc.or do any other act that makes you look like an idiot. 
- Sitting up.  For approximately 5 seconds before she slow motions into a sideways topple.  She doesn't seem to mind that she keeps falling, thus my worry that she may never grasp that you can actually stay sitting...
- Eating big girl food.  And by big girl food I mean mashed up peas and rice cereal thickened with formula; not wine and cheese.
- Loving her toes.  She has a great adoration for those two little feet and 10 toes at the end of her legs.  Changing her diaper has become her favorite playtime.
- Sleeping through the night!!  Gotcha.  Or got me?  Not sure.  But I am still baffled by the fact that after 43 hours of labor ending in c-section, I was not granted with one who slept through the night at 4 weeks ;)  One can dream, right?!

And that would be our day-to-day these days!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Chris is the best Dad. So sweet :) And did you mention LOFT outlet?? Did I miss something here!? Have they opened an outlet in Castle Rock. Do tell, I'm dying. And Little Lo, she'll sleep through the night for you someday soon, I hope!

Russ and Kara said...

We love "Goodnight Denver." Great choice Chris!