7 Months and Counting

Here's the skinny on miss LMK:

- She takes her Oatmeal plain.  Organic with probiotics, of course.  She's a health nut.

- She likes to wake up about 2:03am to listen to some tunes in her crib before settling back in.  Don't forget to turn the setting to the swimming fish, please.  Still fish are quite boring.

- She also likes to wake up around 5:30am.  You know, just to let you know that she's still here.  Oh, and also kinda hungry.  Like 2-3 ounces hungry.  Then she likes to doze off for another hour or two of beauty sleep.  She doesn't really care about Mom's.

-  She likes her clear pacifiers the best.  Go figure.  I can never find the dang things.

- She drinks a 6-er of formula about 4 times a day.  And she prefers to dine alone.  Like in her car seat, alone.  Took us a long time to figure this one out.  Baffling.

- She thinks it's hysterical when her face is covered with some sort of blanket, article of clothing, towel, etc.  Suffocation hazard?  Nah.  This girl lives on the edge.

- She has a love / hate relationship with her swing, jumpy thing (really, what are those things called?), play gym and any other toy that we have introduced.  Loves it for 5 minutes, but 15?  You wish.

- She adores, however, the world of silicon.  Silicon as in spatulas, prep bowls, baking cups and spoons.  Forget teething rings - get this girl a kitchen gadget stat!

- She still likes Chris better than me.  I am convinced.  I think it's his glasses.  Gotta be.  She is attracted to those things like glue.  They are the first thing to come off his face and into her mouth the second he takes her into his hands.  Yep, it's the glasses for sure.

- She is a woman on a mission.  She took her first nudge towards crawling yesterday and mastered the concept of kicking her feet behind her to move forward.  She gets her eye on something and she squirms until she reaches it.  It's only a matter of time (er, days?) before our house moves up by about 2 feet.

- She likes her Vitamin D.  Daily walks are lovely and she prefers them to be warm with a cool breeze and the sun shining slightly on her face so that she can bask.  She can last for hours.

- She likes a wardrobe change approximately 3 times a day.  While spitting up is long gone, persistence in wanting to feed herself (and therefore wrecking havoc on her clothes) has arrived.

- She wants to be a part of the action.  All of the time.  If I am feeding her, which rarely seems to happen these days (sniff) and there is something better going on (ie a Sister Wives episode, Chris, music, the dog outside), she must be a part of it.  Which leads to...

- Fighting sleep.  Chris and I laugh because we have become the parents that say "Oh, she is just so tired.  She's not usually like this" whenever she is fussing.  It's true (I think?) but funny nonetheless.  Didn't you hate when adults stated that you were tired when you were a kid?

- She l-o-v-e-s her bath.  I see many a spa-day in her future.  Johnson & Johnson could really have a niche market out there for a children's spa line.

- She enjoys a good brunch with the girls on Saturday afternoon.  No Bottomless Mimosas just yet, but getting fancied up to hang with 5 of her "aunties" makes for a pretty good day.

- She's a daredevil.  She was all but hanging out of the side of the pac n play the other day when Chris alerted me that it may be time we lower the mattress.  Good call.

- She likes to make it impossible to change diapers.  Rolling over doesn't even describe the acrobatics this girl pulls when trying to keep her still.  It's a wonder that I actually get one on her most days.

- And her newest adventure?  Seeing Target from a seated position.  She thought it was pretty awesome.

Ah yes, life is good, don't you think?  We do.

Love you Logan!


Russ and Kara said...

What a wonderful post! It's amazing how much personality these little ones have! I feel your pain with changing a wiggle worms diaper. Tyler would only let me change him if he was standing up for the longest time!

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

So funny. She is so adorable and "Auntie Amanda" loves her to pieces!! :)

Leighdleblog said...

I love the update, Tiff! I wish we could see Little Logan in person. Griffin would love to have her at his 1st birthday party next week! Give her kisses from us...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she is already 7 month old! How precious is that smirk. What a doll :)