...but shopping is a hobby, isn't it?

Okay, yes.  I am slightly humilitated that these words came out of my mouth when Chris and I were grilling each other over our recent hobbies (his overabundance and my lack there of).  Something straight out of 'Clueless' circa mid-90's.  I am aware.

In my not so distant past, I have really wanted running to be my hobby (10k and done).  I have wanted sewing to be my hobby (oh, right, I need a machine).  I have wanted cooking to be my hobby (dinner every night..enough for me).  And I have really wanted 1x per month weekend fly-away jaunts to be my hobby (never cleared this one with chris...or our bank account).  I have cringed at the fact that shopping should ever be considered as such.

But honestly?  As of late, I am coming to terms with the fact that it might not only be a hobby, but also one of my favorites.

Let me preface by saying that I am not browsing Nordstroms or Anthro or Jcrew on a frequent basis and that my shopping style is probably a bit of a bore to those seriously cut out for the job (and who can afford it in all it's glory).  But, I do get the same thrill out of a good consignment store, TJ Maxx or Loft's sale rack.  My greatest love, however is with home decor.  I could be content browsing Antique stores or Target or Homegoods for hours.  I love a sale sticker on something I have been waiting for.   I love mixing patterns and colors and finding things that match our style.  I love making our house a home and filling the walls with things that are vibrant and unique.  Shopping is relaxing and inspiring to me.  Two key components of any good hobby, don't you think?

So...Chris bikes.  And runs.  And works on the house.  And on his car.  And he probably doesn't spend as much time returning things as I do with my hobby.  Or as much time finding a parking spot.  Or fighting crowds on a weekend afternoon. - although I hear those bike trails get pretty jammed.

Shopping is certainly not the most thought provoking task.  And besides unloading and reloading Logan into the car, I am not burning any major calories.  I also wouldn't say it's the best method for practicing self-control.  But I am willfully thinking that it may not be such a horrible pastime.  And maybe even an acceptable hobby.


Kate said...

Blogging is a hobby!! Add that to your list!

I am increasingly aware that my husband wants me to add "gardening" as a hobby. It seems like a nice idea... except I hate it and have no interest in it. Sorry, Evs. I'll happily grow my little herbs and peppers and potted flowers but once you start talking about mulch and soil acidity, I'm gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, shopping is most certainly a hobby! Especially when you bargain hunt! It's time consuming and tiring, but when you find that one thing you've been eyeing for months with a red tag on it, it's the best high ever! I'm totally with you. It's a hobby. Men don't have to understand it for it to be one :)