Fear not, this is not another 'Tired' post.  Rather, 'Snooze' refers to one of my favorite restaurants here in D-town.

Yes, it obnoxiously crowded every day of the week.  Yes, you have to wait for an hour+ for a table.  Yes, the waiters and waitresses may be a little overzealous for a good tip.  And yes, it's true, a $2.50 cup o' joe may be pushing it.  

Nevertheless, I love this place.  Sweet Potato Pancakes with Ginger Butter, Cinnamon Whipped Cream and Pecans.  Breakfast Tacos with  Ranchero Sauce, Hash Browns, Jack Cheese and Chorizo.  Pretzel Rolls filled with Eggs, Sausage, Hollandaise Sauce and served with a Pot of Jam on the side.  Really, need I say more?

So, this morning our little fam bam of 3 packed it up and headed out for a little pre-work breakfast date.  We were there when the doors opened at 6:30 and got the first table of the day.

Yum and Happy Friday!

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Beth said...

I've heard so much about Snooze! Will have to try it with Alex some morning. I heard they have a lot of peanut butter items so sadly we can't take Mikaela.