DC Recap

Our short little Easter vacation to Virginia was heavy on the DC scene.  What an awesome city it is!

We did a brief Smithsonian tour a few years back which was great.  A nice little lesson in history.  I learned a little about a lot I don't know about.  Fun in the kind of way that reminds you of vacations with your parents.  That kind of fun.

We played tourists with my sister, brother and law and nephew this weekend and were prepared eager to do DC again.  We were along for the ride.  I was thrilled to see DC in a whole new light this time around and I think it just may be one of my new favorite cities!  We had a blast meandering through the streets of Capital Hill gazing at the Brownstones.  We feasted at Eastern Market and sipped on Peregrine coffee with the yuppies.  We window shopped and people watched and it is true what they say - the fashion scene in DC rivals LA.  We watched the snipers on top of the White House while we sipped on St. Germaine's from the W rooftop bar.  We meandered through art museums.  We toured Georgetown.  We awed at the National Cathedral.  We stuffed ourselves at Amy's Pizza.  We had our first Potbelly's sandwich and rode the Metro all over the city.  It was great!

We also had such a nice time hanging out at my sister's house outside of DC in Virginia.  It is rare that we see each other and with nearly 16 years between us, it's just now that we are really able to "get" one another. It's nice to find commonplace, learn from each other and enjoy one another's company.  Cutter and Logan are two peas in a pod despite their age difference and the sweetest gesture was when he left a sleep over at his friend's house early because his cousin was coming in town that night and he wanted to hang out.  I am sure that his 9-year old pals would give him grief if they knew his cousin was a 9 month old baby girl.  He was so sweet with Logan and took his cousin role very seriously.  Patrick made out of this world Mojitos every night by request and my sister cooked up an awesome Easter brunch among every other meal while we were there.  Staying at their home is truly like being at a hotel...

Needless to say, we had a nice Easter weekend and a relaxing vacation!

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Leighdleblog said...

I've never even gotten the DC tour that way! Sad to be so close all the time and just have other things going on. Although Mojitos could be squeezed in anytime...Glad you guys had fun!