Mini Trips

By definition: Typically lasting between 1 - 4 nights and are 1 - 1,000 miles from your front door.  Trips that are just long enough to fill the vacation drought but short enough not to cause one on your bank account.  Time off work is minimal and required planning is about the same.  Gas tanks generally need filled only once and if you're flying, require only one piece of carry on luggage plus a great handbag - this does not apply, however, if an 8 month old is included in this venture and you have never traveled with a baby, let alone your own - I digress.  Mini Trips.  I love them.

And in the next week, we get to take two.  Who's excited?  Me.  I am!

Tomorrow, Chris and I will be heading to the Four Seasons Vail (those darn perks of the job I tell you) for a planner's reception and a night away.  I am certainly looking forward to cozying up here:

And next week the three of us will be hunting eggs over Easter while visiting my sister and her family (who might I add are the best group of hostess' I know) here:

I am looking forward to the change of pace for a few days.  I plan to relax, enjoy, break out our camera and create a few memories this Spring.  Hooray for mini trips!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Hope you guys have two great weekends! Can't wait to hear about the beautiful Four Seasons. I'm sure Lo will be an angel on the flight- her first one, right?! Have a blast with your sister and family and see you soon.

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness,where in VA? So close to the Mignaults!!!!
Four Seasons looks fab, enjoy!

Leighdleblog said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your trip to the east coast next week! Virginia is SUPER close to me. One of these days we will finally get together. :) Happy Easter!