Those kinds of neighbors

You know, the ones where you and your husband both like each person.

The ones that water your flowers when you are away and lend a cup of sugar to you when you don't feel like going to the store.

The ones that come over unannounced and you don't mind in the least.

The ones where you can keep your laundry unfolded on the couch during a dinner together and the ones who bring the ice cream from their house for dessert.

The ones who like playing a good ol' fashioned game of cards.

The ones where you look forward to seeing every day rather than turning the corner to avoid a "hello" and possible conversation (come on, no one else does this?)

The ones who babysit your little one for 45 minutes in a pinch.

The ones where plans are unnecessary because you know you will hang out regardless.

The ones that you run an outfit by or lend a favorite pair of earrings to.

The ones who see you in no make up and pajamas and don't think twice.

The ones who take you to a wedding so you don't have to take a cab.

The ones who fill your fridge with champagne and groceries and meals when you arrive home from the hospital after having a new baby.

Those kinds of neighbors.

The kind that we didn't know existed until moving into our house.  The best kind.  The only kind in my opinion.

...And the kind that are moving away tomorrow.

We love our neighbors Megan, Mark and Lizzie and have shared some amazing times with them (moving in, Megan going through and beating Bone Cancer, camping trips, dinners, walks, parties, concerts, babies, bike rides, parenthood...and the list goes on).  We are so sad to see them go and I can't help but feeling like a kid again when your best friend moves away.

Such a sad feeling.  A lonely feeling.   A left behind feeling.

We know that their new neighbors will be equally as blessed by their friendship but it's still hard to see them go.  They are truly amazing people and we wish them the best!

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Worst feeling ever. I should know, we lost 2 sets of AMAZING neighbors this year and unfortunately it's just not the same. The new people aren't quite as awesome and we just don't have the same neighborly feel on our block anymore. So sad. :(