Did I mention that I sew?

Because I do have.  Once (okay twice if you count a summer class when I was 9 - thanks Mrs. Sauer!).  And I'm not very good.

I like to blame this one on the pre-function cocktail.
Straight lines?  Meh, not for me.
Love my new card 'keeper' nonetheless.  My wallet is a much happier place.
But with enough pretty fabric out there to make a girl's head spin, endless ideas (chair pads, aprons and duvets oh my!) and a corner in the basement calling my name for crafts, I think I may just keep it up.

Sew fun!


Mazhari Clan said...

Seeing such adorable fabrics makes me with I could preform some sowing magic!

Leighdleblog said...

Very cute! So can I commission you to make me some new curtains?? I don't really care about straight lines either :)