Chris Update

In case you are wondering if my husband ever finished the race or if he is still out there in the middle of nowhere and if I am still here unclogging garbage disposals and fixing toilet chains, I am happy to report that Chris completed his solo bike trek late last Wednesday and he returned home Thursday.  Hooray!

7.5 days
495 miles of rough terrain
58,000 ft. of elevation gain
76 energy bars consumed
90 total miles of having to hike his bike
1 shredded tire
3 falls, 2 gashes, 0 major injuries
1 Snake and 1 Moose spotted
Several times thought about quitting
1 time verbalized quitting
0 times quit

...all in all a pretty impressive ride.  And, I don't know about you, but I can pretty much guarantee that I would not look like this at the end of 500 miles, still smiling that is.

Someone else was also thrilled to have Dad (and his cool water thingy) back safe and sound...

Way to go Chris.  We love you.

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