Logan is ONE (plus a day)

At 9:18am yesterday, Logan turned one.  Since then, I have been trying to sit down and write about when we found out we were pregnant, the delivery, the past year, what our lives have been like with her in it, etc. etc. but each time I try, I end up teary eyed.

And the truth is, I am not sure I could even put into words the incredible blessing that she is to Chris and I.

Parenting is harder than I ever thought it would be and that's the truth.  Yet at the exact same time, it has the ability to be such a breeze because it's your baby.  Your best friend.  You.

My favorite time of day is when I get Logan out of bed in the morning and we go upstairs to eat breakfast together.  Every morning, she has a bottle, fruit, some of my toast and yogurt.  And she watches very precariously as I drink my coffee.  No cell phones are with us, no computers are on, the tv is off and the shades are lifted for the first time in the day.  And we talk.  About my day ahead.  About where she is going to for the day.  About her puppy dog.  About how we don't throw food on the floor.  About blowing on food that's hot.  About 'Lights' and 'Milk' and 'Windows' and 'Fl-Fl-Fl-Flowers'.  It lasts about 8 minutes.  And it's the best 8 minutes of my day.

It's true.  Time does fly and I can hardly believe that she is one.  But the great thing about parenting is this: It Keeps.  Getting.  Better.

I can't wait to see her tomorrow to see what she learned from today.  And while I am sad that I can't cuddle with her in my arms, I love seeing her inch towards her first wobbly steps.  I want to hear her say "Flower" because she is so darn close and hearing that sound of "Wroof Wroof" when we see a puppy is still melting my heart.  And the way she waves by opening and closing her fist (thanks Aunt Erin) and leans out of the shopping cart to make flirty eyes with another baby cracks me up.  She loves sips of chocolate milk and could eat Blueberries all day long.  She still loves the bath and her 'Lamby' is her best bud.  The remote controls have her so intrigued and she could literally climb up the stairs all. day. long.  Independence is the name of her game and at one, she is already wanting to do things ALL by herself.  She is more adventurous than cautious and will sneak you hug when you least expect it.  She is more than I had ever imagined.

Your're going places, Miss Logan Marie and we can't wait to join you.



Kate said...

Happy Birthday Logan!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. Little Lo is adorable. Can't believe she's 1 already!

Amanda said...

So sweet Tiff. You guys are such fantastic parents and Miss Lo is so very lucky! Can't wait to see her soon.