When Random Ideas meet Talent

Me: Random Ideas

Our friend (and best man), Andrew: Talent

Together: Talented Random Ideas?

Hmm, not exactly.  But I am excited to share with my friends and family a new adventure that Andrew and I (and Chris by default) are embarking on.  'Photo Design Projects: The Uncommon Reel'

Long story short, I love innovative photography.  My eye is drawn to the 'uncommon' (furniture placed in a wheat field, vintage props for modern photos, bright colors and rustic together).  I am passionate about people.  I feel confident in my client relation and creativity skills and tend to be semi-bossy, I mean savvy, when it comes to execution.  But...I am only okay at taking pictures.

Andrew, on the other hand, is a true entrepreneur who also happens to be an A-maz-ing photographer.  Patient, smart, technical, light hearted, hard working and design skills up the wazoo.  Oh, and he happens to already be a professional when it comes to snapping away, both at work and in his spare time.  Check out a small sample of his work HERE.

After recently bribing recruiting Andrew to take some pictures of Logan, Chris and I, we ended up having a super fun day and getting some great shots.  Apparently that's all we needed to get our heads spinning with possibility.

So, after a beer or two, some collaboration and a few "You're really talented - why thank you.  And you're really creative - aw, thanks.  And, Chris, don't you think we're talented and creative?" pats on the back, we have decided to give this whole photography business thing a go.

Of course, 'photography business' is a bit too stuffy and much too committed for us.  We have preferred the term 'project' from the start.

So...what's next?  Where's the pictures?  What's the website?  How much do we charge?  Where in the heck are we going to take your picture?  How many prints do you get?  Yea, minor details people.  We will get there.

In the meantime, take a look at a few pictures that inspired this whole deal.  I assure you, the photography is where it's at.  It was 101 degrees out, we got caught in a rainstorm and my hair was being too fluffy.  Talent at it's best.

Stay tuned for more!!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Ah! I knew something was up when I saw your FB thing. We must get together ASAP, I feel like we have SO MUCH to catch-up on! This is so excited Tiff and I adore those pics.

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

so EXCITING, not excited :)

CJlovesMJ said...

Love it! Also experimenting with commenting on blogs, I know that bloggers love that :)