A tough day on the job

It was a hard day to be a mom today.

Logan was unhappy from the moment she woke up (which usually means she needs more sleep - although she refused more shut eye).

She didn't want her breakfast.  Or her drink.  Or her toys.  Or her pacifier.  She threw item by item on the floor and proceeded to cry and fuss.

She wanted me all day, yet didn't.  You know, the arms up followed by the immediate squirm to get back down.  

I think I witnessed her first tantrum.  Or maybe it was the first time she got truly mad at me.  Either way, it wasn't fun.  I was the victim of her grabs and pinches and pushing away.

She screamed her way through a phone call with a client - luckily a woman and a mother - and she threw herself on the floor every time I tried to set her down...on my terms.  

She also mastered the 'Back Arch' today.  Stiff body, arms up, back arched and bam...a perfect method for protesting being carried.  How is this move instinctual for all children?

She cried the greater part of the day but she WHAILED when she fell down our concrete steps as I was pulling the stroller out the front door faced backwards from Logan (yes, bad mom alert).  Poor girl - she really took a fall and it scared me to death.  Exhibits A & B below:

We managed to have some fun at the park but the day was not over.

To top it all off, as she was running around naked after her bath per usual this evening, she accidentally peed on our tiled bathroom floor, slipped backwards in it and knocked her head....again.

Yes, it was a tough day indeed.  I was a frustrated, sad, exhausted and an overall unqualified mama today.

Luckily, tomorrow's a new day!


Anonymous said...

All I can do is laugh because I have sooo had these days! Days like these are how we earn our stripes and make us that much more appreciative of the good days!

Jenn said...

Awww Tiff! Hard days make the great ones that much better : ) Totally been there