Chair Lift

This weekend, a little 1951 desk chair got a "lift".  I think she is thrilled.  I know I am!  

Here's my how to:

Step 1) Stalk  browse your local Goodwill when you are dropping off items to donate.  (+) 1 if you find a "project" on the curbside decreasing your hunting efforts by half.  Ask the pick up boys to price and pay them on the spot.  Cost?  $10  You can see why below (yes, that's vinyl covering over mustard crushed velvet):

Step 2)  Unscrew seat cover from the chair and remove vinyl covering sticky from God knows what (hopefully this part is unnecessary for you).

Step 3) Head out the door to buy new paint for your soon-to-be beauty but get stopped by your financially responsible husband instead, letting you know that you have a million left over paint cans in the basement from previous "projects".  Think to self : "Oh yea - man he's good."  Come across some fine sandpaper and some very fun grey spray paint and get to work.  Cost?  Free!

Step 4) Lightly sand your project and dust off with towel or cloth.  Give your gem two coats of spray paint, letting the first one dry before applying the second to avoid dripping.  (-) 1 for Tiffany's lack of patience and drip marks in a few spots.

Step 5) Shop (finally) for new fabric at your favorite fabric store (mine being Fancy Tiger Crafts) that will cover the chair pad.  Advice: Leave cranky baby at home to avoid mental meltdowns (for both of you).  Purchase awesome fabric and pat yourself on the back for being such a design genius.  But, um, don't forget to feed your meter unless you want your fabric store run to turn into a $30 deal versus a $5 one.  Ugh.

Step 6) Borrow your brother in law's staple gun and start stapling away.  Pretend you are wrapping a present, tucking in corners and edges for the prettiest look.

Step 7) Screw back in the chair pad, step back, take a few pictures and smile at your new desk chair that you have created!

Total Cost: $15.00 smackers! 

Let's just pretend the parking ticket scenario didn't happen by shoving it in our drawer, shall we?


Amanda said...

Love it Tiff, turned out awesome! And, you have to check out Fabric Bliss on SantaFe and 8th. The owner is a DOLL- so much nicer than the people at Fancy Tiger in my opinion. She has a newsletter and at the beginning of every month you get 30% off an item, which can be a "cut" of fabric. Great deal!

leslie said...

So cute! Nice work - turned out great!

Russ and Kara said...

Beautiful! What a great find! Thank you for sharing! I am inspired to find a chair of my own now since our chair was broken in the move and Russ has been complaining about it every night after doing his homework. Yours is so pretty!! Well done!

Stacey said...

Love it! Such a cute outcome...it's inspired me to do something crafty. Not sure what or how it'll come out, but I'm inspired nonetheless! :)

Jenn said...

You're awesome...will be doing this pronto!