Zoo Day

We live about 5 minutes from the Denver Zoo, so we try and take advantage of it often and we certainly go on free days.

Logan and I spent our morning last week admiring the animals.  Logan pointed to all of them and said  "doug doug...wroof, wroof".  Any animal that moves is a dog/puppy (she says both) these days.  It's pretty sweet.  Her favorite "doug" seems to be the giraffes.  I think it's because she can see them well and they are always pretty active.  We also love to hang out by the carousel and eat lunch.  It's the perfect place for Logan to roam while containing her, hah.

How cute are those pants?!  Perfect for a zoo day.  Another hand me down from  Meghan.  Thanks girl!

Mmm to PB&J!


Suzanne Rivers said...

Great pics! She is adorable as always!!

Jenn said...

Seriously she is the cutest little thing! Hope all is well, chat soon xo