Merry Christmas to Me!

...in the form of a little green hutch.

I stopped at a restoration sale one afternoon and knew I had to have it.  With our budget these days, the only way I could see it happening was to ask Mr. Claus for an early Christmas gift and being the jolly guy he is, he obliged.

I can see it serving many purposes in the future.  Guest room furniture, linen "closet", book shelf, wine bar, laundry shelf, dish display.  It's perfect for our little house - I love it!!!

A home for my table linens
A display for some of my favorite peices
A showcase for my letterpress garland

What are you dreaming about for Christmas?


Amanda said...

Shut up, I LOVE it!! Where did you get it- you don't mean Restoration Hardware, do you?

amy (metz) walker said...

I LOVE that!!! Anything repurposed or restored I'm a huge fan of. Also, your little girl is PREH-cious!