Weekend Wrap Up

It was a fun one!

Friday morning was spent at MOPS where we listened to a great speaker regarding the approach 'Love & Logic'.  It certainly seems like it applies to us and the way we will parent Logan.  It's all about choices and making the right ones, empathy and consistency.  Has anyone else heard of it?  Like it?

That afternoon, I dropped off Logan with Grandma and Grandpa because Chris and I were headed to Vail.  We were supposed to be on the road by 2:00 but Chris ended up having to work late and we weren't able to leave until 5ish.  I was bummed, but it actually turned out to be a great solo afternoon of grocery shopping (it was a luxury to not have to complete it before a Logan meltdown) and Anthropologie lusting, I mean wandering.

When we finally did get on the road and up to Vail, it was 100% worth the wait when we arrived to our destination, the Hotel Sebastian.

I was invited for work and was able to bring a guest, which was a treat!  This property just opened and is by far my favorite property in Vail.  I highly recommend it.  The service was top notch and I was blown away at how beautiful and unique the lobby and reception spaces are.  The rooms are beautiful as well.   

And here's where we really got spoiled:  We started the evening with white chocolate popcorn (surprisingly, one of the best things I have ever had) and champagne in their 'library'.  We followed that with a 3-course wine pairing dinner with the group at their restaurant 'Block 16', headed to their bar where we lounged and watched Willie Wonka of all things and ended the evening (waaaaay too late mind you) with bowling at Bol - a super posh bowling joint in Vail Village.  We had a blast with all of the attendees, even though my bowling skills were sub par.

...and because I know everyone likes a good laugh, including myself, the prize pic of the evening.  OMG.

Done laughing?

Ahem, we hit the road Saturday after spending the morning in the hot tub (I would still be there if Chris didn't drag me out) and picked up Logan's at Chris' parents house.  We stayed for dinner and a few rounds of cards.  I am so happy that they have taught me and are patient with me, because playing cards is actually quite fun.

This morning, we went to church and while the sermon seemed a bit abstract for me today, it was a good time to sit and think.  Chris must have been able to tell that my mind was wandering and he whispered, "what are you thinking?" half way through the service.  I was surprised at my own answer, "I think we should tithe.  I shocked myself, as it always seems like we are tight on money, but it's been tugging at me for a few weeks as we give very little to charity and nothing currently to church.  Chris replied with..."Really?  I was just thinking that same thing."  It's always good to be on the same page I guess, so I think it's settled :)

Then....it was finally time for the Sugar Plum Bazzar.  Something SR and I have had on our calendars for months.

Basically the mother of all markets - on crack.  Holiday style.  LOVED. IT.  I found many a treasure including vintage holiday ribbon, a gift for my niece, a dress for our Black Tie wedding in January, Holiday gift tags, an ornament and a ring.

Whew, and off to bed I go.  Happy Sunday.


Amanda said...

The hotel sounds awesome and what a fun event!! Jealous to miss yet another amazing market as well.

Brandee said...

The moment it popped into my brain to start tithing and I did...I noticed my finances changed for the better in weird ways.

I love that bowling alley in Vail and the movie theatre there is amazing as well! Used to go there all the time when I live din Frisco not long ago. Sounds like such a great time.