Seeing as how there is next to nothing in terms of lining for my dress this weekend, I am thrilled that there is a product that will shape, smooth and lift my lumps and bumps.

What I am not thrilled about however, are the following:

- The fact that my "undergarment" cost more than the dress itself.

- That by the time I actually get the thing on, I am so hot and bothered that I need a towel, a drink of water and a fan to "de-flush" my cheeks.  Note to self: Pry the contraption on PRIOR to hair and makeup.

- I will not be able to bust out my usual dance moves due to fear that it may slide up or worse, rip in half.

- Lastly, it's ugly.  Like, ChriscloseyoureyeswhileItakethisonandoffandIfI'vehadonetoomany glassesofwineattheendofthenightDON'TLETMESHOWYOUHOW'COOL'ITIS ugly.  See for yourself:

...and trust me, she's making it look good.

Ha - the price we pay for smooth(er) lines!  Tell me I'm not the only one.


Beth said...

You so don't need that, and it will be way too hot for dancing. I vote take it back! ;-)

marisamichael said...

Tiff! Yes! Mine's black... I smell a Lets-show-each-other-our-Spanx-after-19-glasses-of-champagne pact!

Jenn said...

OH MY GOSH...laughing so hard. I have the my full body spanx and I call it "the lance" as it's like a professional cycling suit. It looks realllyy good, haha