What it looks like

Until Logan arrived, I could not picture what having a baby would "look like" for us.  Although I have nieces and nephews, have nannied a million times and knew that we would have kids one day, I still couldn't imagine how our lives would change.  

Don't get me wrong.  I 'got' that our lives would never be the same.  I 'got' that we would get less sleep.  I 'got' that parenting would be the most rewarding and challenging job there is.  But what I wanted was a visual of our future...

Now, I am living it.  And it is all of the things above.  But as I wander around our house sometimes, I can't help but laugh and think, "is this really our life?"

I thought I would take the time to show those of you who actually care (what?  no one?!) what having an 18 month old actually looks like.  For real.

It looks like 'Zoe's Dance Moves' at 3:00pm instead of Ellen.

It looks like a DVD collection consisting of Elmo and Dora and Baby Einstein strewn with a lost drum mallet and teething necklace.  Oh, and a bike video for Chris' sanity.

It looks like losing your nail buffer in a basket of toys.

It looks like crumbs.  Everywhere.

It looks like your purse has become home to toys and diapers and snacks and bottle caps and bubbles.

It looks like sippy cups where the wine used to belong.

It looks like A LOT of milk.

It looks like Macaroni and Cheese (the unhealthy kind) and Cheerios.  Two staples.

It looks like having a legitimate snack drawer.

It looks like having things in your calendar like "Play Dates".

And MOPS...

It looks like having multiple bags for multiple nursery / zoo / babysitting set ups.

It looks like grocery store runs for things like Pedialyte.

It looks like your master bedroom...

turned into a play room.

It looks like having outlet covers, door locks and gates.

It looks like finding bows and bath toys in your make up case.

It looks like another toothbrush in the holder.

And kid's stuff in your shower.

It looks like your trash has been invaded.

It looks like never knowing where her favorite stuffed animal went.

Or your water bottle.

It looks like doing a tiny person's laundry.

And picking up their messes.

It looks like getting coupons for things like pacifiers.  Because they know.

It looks like learning to love other kids besides your own.

It looks like stollers and doll houses and puppies.

It looks like finally getting to buy princess bandaids.  For her, of course.

It looks like Cheeto stains on your white pillows.  Ugh.

It looks like high chairs at your dining room table.

And "art work" to display.

Best of all, it looks like this.  The two people you love the most under one roof being best buddies.


Kara said...

I love this post so much!! These are all of the details that you don't think about when you imagine having a perfect little family! What a great way to document all the things that make you smile (and cringe). I'm so glad I'm not the only one with crumbs in my purse!

Kendall said...

This post is so cute...it's just how I picture my life will be once my own little Logan arrives :). I'll have to remember to write a post like this when she's around that age! :)

Dana said...

Hands down one of my favorite posts EVER!!! As a future mom (one day!!) this is all very important information! Thanks for sharing Tiff - and I do care :)