Sleeping Beauty

These are some of my favorite shots of miss LMK.  Usually we are less than 1/2 a mile from home when she decides to fall asleep.  Although it takes more effort, I love when I take her out of the car and her head rests on my shoulder and little legs heavily dangle as we trek into the house.

I also wanted to post about Day 2 in case you want to follow the 7-Day Challenge with me! I cruised through today and found it much easier than yesterday.  Partially because Logan is not in school yet and partially because I am not a huge reader, but easier nonetheless.

Day 2:  Books.  Do the same thing you did with toys except for with books this time.  Yours, his, theirs.  Boom.  Ideally books for kids should fit on one or two shelves at the most.  Make this a "rule" and let your kiddos help decide which books to keep on the shelf and what books to donate.  An enormous amount of books can make any room look disheveled.  And remember the beauty of the library - read, return, repeat sans permanent clutter.  Of course, you will want to keep your "Good Night Moon" copy and "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?" (thanks Mom!), so no need to get rid of books you truly love.

A reminder for books: don't forget old textbooks, reference books, yearbooks, etc. that you have stashed away.  After all, do you really need K-12 binded for your Great Grandchildren?

Good luck!

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Kendall said...

so cute! I love how many pictures you have of Miss L sleeping in her carseat. Also thanks for your sweet comments on my last post :)