Day 3 - Clothes

Aren't you lucky?  7 days of organizing posts (insert jazz hands)!!  I get kind of excited about this stuff.

If you are following the challenge, then you have already tackled toys and weeded out books - go you!  If you are not following, feel free to join in now.  Or to humor me.  Whichever you prefer.

On to Day 3.  Get thee to your closets (and drawers and dressers) and have a heyday with organizing the CLOTHES in your house.  If you have not done this in a while, you may want to be break this out into several days (one for each member of the family).  We are still working with the same concept of Donate/Consign, Keep and Trash / Recycle.

My simple tips?

If it HASN'T FIT in one year, you HAVE NOT WORN in 6 MONTHS, it is STAINED, TORN or MISSING a "part" (zipper, button, left knee)... GET RID OF IT **.  You will not wear, fit, or fix these puppies - let's face it.  Same goes for husband's clothes (this is a great time to get rid of those gnarly sweat pants from Freshman year of college, no?) and kids clothes.

When going through kids items, be selective on what you really want to keep for future bambinos.  Most likely when you are "nesting" next time, you won't be as in love with all of the items that you are now.  Also, label label label the bin or box that it's going in with the size and season.  If you don't have enough clothes to fill one whole box with one size and season, separate with a piece of tissue paper and mark all sizes and seasons on the bin or box.  This will save you time and money when you're ready to pop out the next one.

** This would be a good plug for consigning.  If you haven't gathered from my previous posts, I heart consigning.  It's much easier for me to purge things if I know I am going to get some cash for them.  Of course, items must be in good condition free of stains and holes.  Just like in the stores, designer brands cost the most and will also get you the most money.  It's so much fun calling your stores and hearing that you have $50 to pick up.  And it's easy.  Google children's consignment in your area and "shop" the stores before you sell.  You will be able to tell the good ones from the bad, and yes there are bad ones (items sit for too long, items are in poor condition, the clientele is not who would buy your kids clothes, etc.)  I also consign Chris and I's clothes and occasionally housewares if I have something great.  For some, I understand that the whole process is just a pain and they would rather drop it off at a donation center and be done with it.  But for me it's a game of sorts.  Lastly, don't be afraid to shop consignment.  There is a whole world beyond ARCs and Goodwills.  I have purchased so many things for Logan with the tags still on them! Check out this 'Tea' sweater for Logan I purchased recently.

Are you motivated?  If not, check out what I have purged in the last three days.

Here's to having clean closets!

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The Smaellies said...

I started cleaning closets last week and it feels so good! But I need to careful because once I get going, watch out! Taylor was looking for her missing slipper the other day when she asked me, with tear filled eyes, mom, did you take it to the DI (our local thrift store)?" I make the girls help me sort through their stuff and decide what we are going to give away to those who are in need.