We All (Fell) Down


Our front steps have been a bit of an eye sore since we moved in nearly four years ago.  Not to mention a hazard.  I have fallen.  Logan has fallen.  A little girl trick-or-treating has fallen.  Chris has...not fallen.  Go figure.

Anyways, this weekend our steps got a face lift thanks to Chris, his dad and a family friend.  I am so grateful for their talent and willingness to do so and think that our new and improved steps make for a more "Welcome to our Home" and a less "Proceed with Caution!" statement.

Before - yikes:

And after:

The next "steps" will be staining and sealing them.  Oh the thrills of home ownership.  Concrete can somehow make you feel warm and fuzzy - ha.

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Suzanne Rivers said...

You forgot to mention that I have fallen and took down Jessica Tubbleville in the process. I will blame the stairs and not my intake of wine. :)