The Kitchen...Day 4

This one made me cringe too.

Mostly because I didn't want to get back in those cupboards and dig deep for random vases, hardly used serving platters and chipped bowls nor did I want to face my tupperware pit.

Here's what I found out while organizing my kitchen:

- I had really good intentions of making waffles.  Thus THREE different waffle makers.  I am down to one and have a feeling that may even be too many.

- I have not once steamed vegetables in a steamer.  So sorry for whoever gave that to us for our wedding - I thought it was a registry necessity.  I prefer good ol' boiling water in a pot and a lid.

- Plastic knives never get used.

- I could use a different pitcher every day of the week.

- I should serve salads more often because I have some really pretty bowls.

- Unless she's hosting a wee-ones dinner party, Logan probably doesn't need 6 plastic cups, 6 plates, 6 bowls and a million sippy-cups.

Anyways...here are my tips for organizing your kitchen:

1. Clean out every cupboard and drawer and organize into Keep and Trash/Donate.

2. Rearrange items in your kitchen if need be.  Make it work for you.  For example, are your spatulas right next to the stove or across the room?

3.  Are your drawers messy with tools and spatulas and spoons?  Our speaker gave us a great tip.  Divide these things up into a 'Metal' category (i.e. a whisk), a 'Wooden or Plastic' (i.e. plastic tongs) and a 'Tool' category (i.e. your garlic press).  Keep these items separated from one another in separate drawers, dividers or baskets.  Genius!

4.  Tupperware.  Simple: if it doesn't have a lid or a bottom - toss it.  If you never use a certain size or if you have too many of one size throw them away or donate.  Keep only what you use and keep lids separate from the bottoms.  If you want to go fancy, check out a Tupperware "system" at Container Store or Target - I just saw a few great holders.

5. Don't forget your food!  Get rid of food that is expired or has not been eaten in over two months.  It's a also a great time to organize your spices and see which ones you need top refill and which have never been used - toss.

6.  Deep clean your fridge.  Like spray and wipe and scrub all of the spills and rings and stuck on food.  It makes a huge difference!

Honestly, the kitchen ended up being semi-fun when all was said and done.  Good luck!

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