Bragging Rights

The best thing about being a part of UnCommon Reel is that I can totally brag about the photos - because I don't take any.  Ha!

Andrew (my business partner, Chris' buddy and the best man in our wedding - we keep it close around here) is the mastermind behind the lens and the editing process.

So since I just book the shoots, keep track of payments and generally try and 'direct' (only to be told that they are in the wrong light, we have the wrong angles, that my face is in the shot, etc.), I figure I can shamelessly love the end product, right?

Here are a few highlights of our most recent shoot.  My very good friend, Meghan, and her too-beautiful-for-words family.  Thanks guys for the opportunity!

Contact me today to book your shoot!!  Summer spots are filling up.

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