Day 7 - Make Some Dough

Surprise! Apparently The organizational challenge is only 6 days - ha.  I went over our handout from the speaker, because I could have sworn that there were 7 days, but alas there are only 6.  Whoops.

Soooo...I have made up my own.  Make some dough.  And by dough, I don't mean break out your baking gear but rather think of ways to make some cash from your newly organized home.

For example, post some of your "Donate" items on Craigslist (list prices fairly to sell items the fastest), hold a Garage Sale (think about combining your stuff with a neighbors for more foot traffic) or find consignment stores that will give you cash on the spot (you will most likely make 30% of what the store thinks they can sell if for)!

Good luck!  Here are a few of the ways in which we have gotten more organized around here in the past couple of weeks:

This was an "original" but one of our best organizational tools in our bathroom.  A shoe rack hung over the door for hair products, nail polish, lotions and any other products you use all of the time.

All tubs labeled appropriately for easy access and storage.

All books in one place.  In one bin.

"Junk Drawer" more user friendly.

Chris' bike gear on a rolling cart - Ikea.
Logan's craft box in a fun chevron print - Target.

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