I wrote this last night:

And lastly for today, we decided to move Logan to her toddler bed.  Bad parenting moment for me.  I thought she was ready and she was all but climbing out of her crib these days.  So this weekend, we decided to remove the front rail and introduce her to her "Big Girl Bed".  Problem is, I don't think she's taking to the promotion very well, poor thing.  The past few days of sleep routines (naps included) have been screaming with panic and running to the door when we shut it behind us.  She does eventually make it to her bed and falls asleep within 10 minutes or so, but it's breaking my heart.  Stupid stupid stupid me.  I am such an advocate of the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" (aka if she was happy enough in the crib, why take her out?) that I am very much perplexed at my rookie mistake.  Now my dilemma is, do I leave it as is and hope she gets more comfortable or do I put the rail back on??  Help!

I am here this morning (with very tired eyes and an achy back) to report that the crib rail will be put back on after someone pulled an all-nighter in our bed full of talking, laughing, tossing, turning and pulling mommy's hair...

 Needless to say I am on my third cup of coffee.

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Colleen Pate said...

I would say put the rail back. Sounds like she is not ready. We did not move Hudson to a toddler bed until he was 2 1/2 so I think you have plenty of time left in the crib unless she starts climbing out. Once Hudson was ready it was a pretty smooth transition.