Mish Mash

Because, let's face it, that's what my life is.

Hmm, where to begin?  How about with the fact that I am sitting here finishing up a few projects for work and listening to The Lumineers Radio (another shout out for a fantastic Denver based band) on Pandora and it is rocking my world!  It's a nice change of pace to my Brett Dennen and Florence and The Machine staples.

Chris went on a long ride this evening, as he is training for his second Colorado Trail race.  You would literally have to shoot me (or heavily sedate me and sling me on your back) before I would even think about completing 500 miles on my bike in 6 days.  Total opposites we are.  But that's cool.  I still like to support him.  And Logan likes to represent too...

Speaking of Chris.  He's pretty amazing.  There's a long story behind this (and by long I mean I lost my band back in November and have been depressed ever since - serious serious bummer) but Chris came through for Mother's Day with The. Most. Beautiful. Surprise...

I couldn't be happier with this vintage ring, circa 1920, with a solitaire diamond.  It's gorgeous.  I am so lucky to be a wife to Chris and a Mom to Logan.  They are the best things in my world.

In other news, I am planning a shower for my co-worker and good friend, Kara!  She is due with twin girls this July and I am so excited for her and her husband, Alex, to embark on this journey together.  She's had a long road and this pregnancy is a blessing to be sure.  And while I love love love her, I am afraid that her shower will look nothing like the pictures below.  I mean, seriously.  Who are these people?  More importantly, where are these people and can I rent one of them?  Who has time to make those Mason Jar layered cake-y things?  There are some cute ideas out there!

And lastly for today, we decided to move Logan to her toddler bed.  Bad parenting moment for me.  I thought she was ready and she was all but climbing out of her crib these days.  So this weekend, we decided to remove the front rail and introduce her to her "Big Girl Bed".  Problem is, I don't think she's taking to the promotion very well, poor thing.  The past few days of sleep routines (naps included) have been screaming with panic and running to the door when we shut it behind us.  She does eventually make it to her bed and falls asleep within 10 minutes or so, but it's breaking my heart.  Stupid stupid stupid me.  I am such an advocate of the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" (aka if she was happy enough in the crib, why take her out?) that I am very much perplexed at my rookie mistake.  Now my dilemma is, do I leave it as is and hope she gets more comfortable or do I put the rail back on??  Help!

That's enough jibber jabber for one evening and Chris just walked through the door.  We plan to finish the rest of our movie, Carnage.  It's dry but funny.  So far it gets a solid B in my book, which isn't bad considering I am not much of a movie lover.  It's not quite worthy of a Saturday night flick but totally doable for a Sunday afternoon (or Monday evening).



Suzanne Rivers said...

LOVE the ring, you are such a lucky lady!! And your shower decor is going to be amazing!!

Kara Lindsey Katen said...

I am just getting caught up on blog reading after WAY too long offline!! The shower was BEAUTIFUL!! I have pics and will be posting a blog soon talking about how amazing our friends are!! Thank you Tiffany for a beautiful evening and awesome company! Next time I can't wait to drink wine with you gals!!! Big hugs from me, Alex and the twins!! :-)