What do painting my nails with ample amount of dry time, shamelessly watching The Kardashian's, browsing the sale racks, ordering room service, practicing endless You Tube hair tutorials, taking silly self portraits for blog material, getting in morning walks, having morning lattes, managing my email inbox, planning my friend's wedding shower, being able to curl all of my hair as opposed to half because I've been uninterrupted, finding new recipes, writing thank you letters, browsing Etsy, cranking up the AC and having enough energy to stay up for the Late Show have in common?

They are all things that can be done while husband and the wee one are not present.

While there are some obvious drawbacks to being away from home, there are without a doubt some aforementioned perks!  It's ironic that "me-time" comes in the form of traveling with 150 other people for my job but I'll take what I can get and love (and clearly take full advantage of) my time solo.

Selfishly speaking, I covet being by myself.  It's just who I've always been.  And it's something that I need from time to time to keep me sane.  Don't get me wrong.  I adore my friends, my social schedule, being married and being a mom, but there are certain things that are better done alone in my opinion.

Shopping is one of them.  To actually be able to browse, touch and try clothes on without maneuvering a stroller is a breath of fresh air.  As is trying to keep Logan from opening the dressing room door while I'm half naked (it's happened more than once, I can assure you).
I don't prefer shopping with friends - never have - and having Chris hang over my shoulder whilst providing commentary on the price of good jeans?  Forget about it.  I have shopped on the Plaza every night this week, just because I can.  

Speaking of, check out my new gift to myself.  The dress, not the phone:

Another thing I adore doing alone is watching tv.  First off, we don't have cable and generally speaking, watch very little tv.  So I feel no guilt in turning on the worst (and by worst, I mean best) reality shows on the boob tube while I am traveling.  I relish in having full control of the remote.  Although Chris insists that we can watch the Bacehlorette if I really want to, I don't because I know he hates it.  And to be honest, I feel like I am being judged.  That part about "...if you really want to" makes me feel like I am being called out by my better half and nudged by my intellect to make a better choice.  So we usually turn to PBS instead and I pretend that I'm super interested in and okay with watching the segment on the Model T.  Or the Civil War. Or Global Warming.  When really, I just want to see WHO IS GETTING A FREAKING ROSE people!!!

I digress.

The point is, I am perfectly okay being alone and when I get back to the hotel in the evening, I consider it a mini vacation.  Furthermore (and probably worthy of a post all it's own), I find that I am a better mom because of it.  I have certainly gotten looks and comments suggesting that I'm crazy for leaving Logan.  And I won't lie, I have undoubtedly second guessed my decisions to travel and allow myself to wear a different hat other than "mommy" for a week.  I will say though, it's strange amazing to board an airplane with only a carry on and no one tugging on your leg, not having to make the bed in the morning and cleaning up only after myself throughout the day.

I return home tomorrow and can't wait to see my sweet smiling girl and handsome hubby.  

A little bit of er...work...has done me good!

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