Father's Day Recap

Hope you all had a nice weekend and a great Father's Day!  We spent a relaxing weekend in Beaver Creek at the Westin which sits right along the river.  It lends itself to some beautiful views and amazing pool side lounging.   Ahhh.

Although I'm a day late, I wanted to share some thoughts on Chris as a dad.

Simply put he's amazing.  Like, really.  The moment he walks into the house in the evening, his focus is on Logan.  He starts playing with her and tending to her even before he changes out of his work clothes.  He is an equal parent who is more than capable of watching her for a weekend solo, taking her out for the day and spending quality time with her.  He thinks she's hilarious and probably lets her get away with more than I do.  He's a good dad.  All of the time.  I have my moment's of "Bad Mom Alert! Bad Mom Alert!"  But Chris?  Never.  His patience is unreal.  His love is pure and enduring.  His actions are sincere.  And oh how Logan loves him.  I know she thinks the world of him from helping him with his bikes or wrestling with him on the floor - she loves her time with dad.  My mom said it best in the Father's Day card she sent Chris when she stated, "We need only to look at Logan when she sees you to know what a great dad you are".  And it's true.  Her face lights up when he walks through the door and the word "Daaaaaaddddddyyyyy!" is gleefully cheered each and every afternoon.  I am so thankful for Chris as my friend, as my husband and most importantly the father to our daughter.  I could have not anticipated how awesome he would be.

So what did I decide to get the man who does all that?  Beer, naturally.

Oh yea, and I ordered a really great Canvas of City Park.  The park across from our house, the park where we watch jazz, the park where many walks have taken place, the park of many picnics, the park with amazing views of Denver and the park where he and Logan run almost daily - it will always be a special place to us.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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Kara said...

What an amazing gift! Such a special place for you and your family...and now you can cherish it forever!