Denver to Durango

Chris is at it again.  Round two of his 470 mile ride started this morning at an early 6am.

Logan and I dropped him off at Waterton Canyon amongst the other 70 racers.  He is certainly a badass, but a sensitive one at that.  He was so emotional before leaving and I just can't imagine all he was feeling.  After some tears and hugs, we bid him farewell.

Logan was the only little one there and I think the riders got a kick out of her cheering "Go Dad!"  She thinks he's pretty great.

If you want to track Chris in live-time, check out this link and look for his name on the right hand side of the screen to zoom in on his progress.  http://trackleaders.com/ctr

As for me?  I think I will settle in this evening after putting Logan down with something like waffles and scrambled eggs, watch some olympics and sleep on both sides of the bed.

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