Catching Up

Knock Knock...anyone still reading this thing?  Sorry for the crickets around here these days.  I have intentions of writing something just about every day but alas I never get around to it.

Perhaps it's the fact that we seem to avoid the house between the hours of..oh heck all day...because it's been SO FREAKING HOT.  Have I mentioned that we don't have air conditioning?  Oh yes, about 100 times you say?  Well, I am telling you again.  We have NO air conditioning up in here and it. is. brutal.  Our thermostat reads 89 degrees most days and doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.  We tend to push through the two-ish hottest weeks of the summer with only a few complaints, but this summer, two weeks has turned into more like 6 weeks and we are about to break down and by the dang thing.

In other news, Logan is two weeks shy of turning 2 and wow - what a blast she is.  I love love love her and really can't imagine my life without her.  The past year has definitely been my favorite.  I always thought that I would be a newborn mama, but it just wasn't the case with Logan.  I have felt so much more relaxed (relatively speaking) with parenting and have had so much joy with her in the past year.  Don't get me wrong, I miss her newborn smell and her sweet delicate features, but Logan was not much of a snuggler, was a terrible sleeper, had reflux to boot and never seemed content as a newborn.  I feel like our bond gets stronger and stronger as she grows and hearing her say "mommy" a million times a day makes my heart melt.  I love to see her learn and recognize new things each and every day and watch her little brain process all that happens around her.  She is certainly an observer but has no problems being in the spotlight.  She loves to entertain.

Chris will be leaving for his Colorado Trail bike ride next week so I am gearing up for a week of single-parenthood.  It's probably my turn, however, with all of the traveling I have done in the past couple of months.

Other than that, we have been keeping plenty busy with laundry and cleaning and play dates and pool time and story hours and gym workouts and zoo days and fountain splashing and our days are officially lived between 'Before Nap' and 'After Nap' hours.  Sounds dreadful?  It's not.  While I do feel the occasional twilight zone of "Where am I?" when I am amongst 100 other stay at home moms on a Monday morning in Target,  I am actually loving my unofficial "stay at home mom" title and keep sane by a sprinkling a few work hours on top each week.  It is quite harmonious in fact.

And if this post couldn't lack any more pizazz, I don't even have any pictures to share.  I can't find my camera cord and my phone is out of comish due to a certain someone "giving it a bath"....

So until next time, have a great week!


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I miss you guys!!! Cannot wait to be home and see you all. Good luck to Chris on trail ride attempt #2!

Jessica said...

I love reading your blog Tiffany and seeing pictures of your adorable family!