Seattle Recap

Simply put?  Simply amazing.  I heart that city and am thrilled to have had the opportunity - thanks SR!

Here's a photog glimpse of our weekend a la retro cam (because I forgot the real thing, sigh)...

Pike Place Fish Market.  Hmm, Ryan R. doesn't look excited enough.
Cupcake Royale.  We visited, count em', 1-2-3-4 times in three days!

Post Alley fun

Original Starbucks that I did not wait in line 60-deep for.  Because you know, I actually needed some.  HA! 

Gearing up for our bike tour
Matt's in the Market - a hidden gem.

The Pink Door - A. Must. Do. if in Seattle.
Imagine Anthropologie exploding on your dining experience.  Figuratively speaking of course.  Oh, and add a band with a few acrobats.  It was no wonder that the gal at the actual antrho recommended it to us.  It was wondrous.

Harbor Cruise
Pier 70.  A shout out to all my fellow post-era Real World fans!!!

From our hotel

The end!

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