With the travel, obligations, work and personal fun throughout the summer it has seemed like a foreign concept as of late.

But right now, I am home.  And it feels good.  I have my favorite candles burning, I'm lounging on the couch, some tv show is muffled in the background, the ceiling fan is cool on my face, my feel are propped on my favorite pillow that sinks just the way I like it, the two most important people in my life are sleeping downstairs and my dishwasher is running - which is an oddly comforting sound it turns out.

There's something about being at home, the home that Chris and I have created, that makes me feel such peace.  It's moments like these when I realize that if it all suddenly came to a halt, my dreams in life have been fulfilled and then some.  It may sounds strange and perhaps un-lofty, but it's true.  When I focus on the big picture of my adult life and cut out all of the extra "this and that's", my dreams do and always have, consisted of someone who loves me unconditionally and a little family of my own to love the same way.  There's always more out there and more to strive for, I know, but what we have right now is really enough to stop me in my tracks. How did we even get here?

Forgive my sentimental moment and better yet, remind me of it when I am at my wits end a few days from now.  With each other, our house, our jobs, our health, our opportunities, our friends, our family, our daughter...we really are quite rich.

I love it here.

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The Smaellies said...

Love the post! I often have the same feelings; amidst a chaotic life, I really am blessed! It is nice to be reminded of that every once in a while!