Birthday Time

Someone's been busy turning 2 around here!

Little Miss Birthday had a low key yet great day full of the things she loved.  Birthday muffins, the park, her cousins, stickers, returning mom's failed curtain choice (whoops - had to add a personal errand in there), playing with Ezra, riding bikes and blowing out her birthday candles picnic blanket style with store bought cake.

Let's just say that I toned it down a bit from last years fiesta.  I'm thinking we'll go all out again when she's 16.  Or for her wedding...

Anyways, Logan also received a very adorable KidKraft kitchen this weekend that has been occupying most of her spare time.  It has a mutual love from me as it allows me to get ready in some sort of peace in the morning minus the constant "ordering" of food from the chef whilst blow drying my hair.  Pictures to come of this new toy as well as my decision making process on which "play kitchen" to choose - who's excited?!

These two years have been such a whirlwind for me.  I can honestly say that Logan is the best thing to come into my life since Chris and she makes my days so much more....well, everything.  I have struggled, grown, cried, laughed, cheered, smiled, feared, explored, admired, applauded, searched my soul and loved so very much in these past two years and I have Logan to thank for all of it.  She makes my world better if not more complete than I ever could have dreamed.  Although our days are not always easy and certainly not perfect, our life with her is; she is exactly what I dreamed of when I envisioned my life as a mom.

LoLo (Lo, Lolokins, Lobster, Little Lo, Peanut, Logan Marie, and occasionally Crazy Horse), your qualities are too many to name but I can sum it up by saying you can brighten anyone's day with your wave, your sweet "hi" or "bye insert name", your tenacious attitude, your hilarious antidotes, your spirit for adventure, your true love for others around you as well as the love you receive right back from them. It's fun to see life through your eyes.

...gah, and now I'm crying.  Seriously - it's amazing what they can do to you.  How bout' some pictures?

Why yes, that's a beer coozie.  For her milk.  Promise.

Happy Birthday to my little girl!


leslie said...

Happy Birthday Logan! My how time flies!

Kara said...

What a perfect birthday day! Happy Birthday Miss Logan!