It's been quiet around here because I have been "holed up" working this week at the JW Marriott in San Antonio.

Hmm, okay, maybe "holed up" is not exactly the way to describe this hotel.  A perk from my job is certainly getting to experience new properties and destinations like this one.  This place is gorgeous!

Speaking of job - do you get confused when I talk about being a stay at home mom in some posts and work in others?  I thought I might clarify for those of you who are the least bit curious about those details.

I'm not going to lie - I think that I have just about the perfect situation for my life right now.  Since having Logan, I have gone from a full time employee to a part time employee to most recently, an independent contractor.  Being an independent contractor means that I can accept work or decline work as I am asked by certain companies who need or desire my services or planning experience.  This allows extreme flexibility with my hours and depending on what Chris and I's schedules are, what our finances look like and when I need adult interaction (wink wink) I can become more or less involved at any given moment.  Of course, the price to pay for this is that I can not 100% guaruntee I will find an opening exactly when I need/want it, I do not receive any benefits, nor do I have the status or resume (or paycheck for that matter) that comes with being a full time employee.  All factors that work for us at this point.

I work with my former company most often and love the fact that I am still a part of their "team" in a way and have the interaction that I used to have with them on a day to day basis.  I have a contract position in which I work one day a week in the office, several hours at home each week and occasionally what's called "on site" (aka at a hotel, conference, event, etc.) for a program (aka a meeting, an incentive trip, a corporate function).  These programs can be locally in Denver, out of state and at times, even out of the country.

So I do with Logan while I am away you may wonder?  Another factor that makes this situation so doable is family.  Our families should all get a well deserved "shout out" and thank you!  There is no way that I would be able to do what I do and feel comfortable with it without them.  Between both sets of grandparents and my sister in law Erin, we rarely have the need for outside babysitters and have never used daycare.  I am not knocking anything of the sorts, it's just been a blessing to have family close by who are willing and excited about having Logan while I am out of town or in the office.  It gives me so much comfort to know she is being well loved and taken care of - not to mention having a blast.  With a little logistical planning like packing clean outfits and diapers for a week, remembering to bring a bathing suit to Grandma's and her favorite doll to Aunt Erin's, it's all pretty doable.

Occasionally I get asked what I will do next, if or when I plan to go back to work full time, what I will do if we have more kids, etc. etc. and the answer is always "I have no idea".  And I don't.  For now, this is working for us so I will continue doing the same thing until it doesn't anymore.  Seems simple enough to me.

I always dreamed of being a 100% stay at home mama and thought that was my life's calling but now that I am fortunate to do both, I think I have found my ideal balance.  I love that I get to be with Logan almost all of the time and get to experience being a stay at home mom while still being able to contribute financially to our family and keeping a foot in the industry that I enjoy.  And trust me, I don't take any of it for granted.  

It goes without saying that when I am away I always undoubtedly miss my girl by the end and am eager to be near her again.   Good thing that will be tomorrow morning for me!

Logan at 5 Months

So there you have it.  My double life of being a stay at home mom and a working one too.

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