Room Redesign

Every once in a while, I crave change.

Although tempting, instead of selling our house, quitting our jobs, packing our belongings and high tailing it to the West Coast (or maybe the East Coast - why does the WC get all the love anyways?) in an RV, I thought that maybe I should start with revamping a room and see how I adapted to such change.

In our modest 1800 sq. ft. house, my options for redesign are quite slim - as in slim pickings and slim on size.  So I decided that the "playroom by day" / "master bedroom by night" had the most potential for change.

I should also mention that I wasn't in the position to spend any much money.  Part two of the tricky change process.

I am pleased to have freshened up the space, doubled the size of the the play area, added a reading nook and worked on the color palette all for well under a hundo.

Here are a few befores:

And afters:

 The changes:

- Grey curtains replaced tan ones and were left to skim the ground instead of tied back

- Patterned grey panels replaced tan curtains behind our bed to create a back drop and differentiate the space

- The futon (which was my FIRST piece of furniture after college - I'm moving on up) and coffee table were removed and sold to pay for...

- The almost brand spankin' Room and Board chair (also from CL) that we quite literally heaved and hoed down in the stairs causing paint removal and scuffing (I have not added the cost of fixing such flaws into the grand total)

- An Ikea faux sheep skin rug was added as a throw to the chair and accompanied by the pillow made by yours truly when I thought I was a seamstress

- A capice lamp was purchased from World Market and hung over the chair for a little "mood lighting"

- A jut rug was purchased from West Elm - store model - half off

- A store bought canvas (Hobby Lobby) replaced my hand made version

- The large mirror (Home Goods) and tray (Target) on our dresser (Chris' Grandma's) was spray painted from brown to white for a unified look

- The mirror was taken off the wall and placed to lean against the wall - a look I'm not 100% sure about.  Do you think it makes the dresser looks unfinished?

- Lastly, the room was shifted just a bit and altogether cleaned out

It's certainly no YHL, but it did the trick for me.  I am happy to report that I won't be packing up to move anytime soon.


Amanda said...

LOVE that chair! And her little pink kitchen is so cute.

Jeff and Emily said...

We have that same kitchen but in white, isn't it the greatest?! I don't know if Kara every responded to your question, but we use picmonkey for the collages. Greatest free photo editor there is!