Labor Day Festivities

First off, thank you all for the sweet notes of congratulations on our news!  The positive support makes it even more special.  Stay tuned for many tales, I am sure, about pregnancy round 2 :)

We spent the last bit of summer soaking up the sun in the Rocky Mountains.  We have not been out hiking in forever and were overdue for an early morning drive, a moderate hike and some well deserved post-treck BBQ (@ Lulu's - thanks Amanda for introducing me!)

We have been on the go for weeks with birthday parties and weddings and engagement showers and meetings and family in town and have been pulled in every direction it seems.  And while all have been super fun and all things we have chosen to do, any sort of schedule or routine has been non existent and I realize that is not so much fun for me.  I envy those of you who can go with the flow and go from point A to point B (and then C, D and E) without a second thought.  I guarauntee that your lives are probably less stressful for it; I am really trying to be better about things "popping up", "change of plans" and "rolling with the punches" as I realize that's real life but for some reason, it's hard for me and I just end up emotionally and physically exhausted when there is no "normalcy" in place for weeks on end.  It's not so much the doing things that gets to me, it's the not doing of things like errands, and meal planning, and grocery shopping, and laundry, and cleaning and exercise and...you get the idea...that gets to me more.

So with that said, we (aka me and Chris and Logan by default) have been eager for Fall (and by Fall, I'll take September) to start around here.  Even though Logan is not in school, I still feel like the Fall gives us a chance to catch up and get into some sort of schedule again that has been lost with the summer months.  In fact, I am so ready, that I had to hold back from baking with pumpkin puree and spice mix for my dessert dish last night :)  What about you?  Are you ready for Fall?

Hope your Labor Day was fantastic!


Kara said...

We are ready for the slower pace of fall as well! I actually made pumpkin pancakes last week so I know how you feel :) have a great week!

Amanda said...

Aww, wish I knew you guys were in our neck of the woods! Where did you hike?