We have some news to share around here.


Bahhhhhhhhhhh - that's the deep breath I am letting go of with that secret!

And now for some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Bebe Numero Dos is set to make his/her appearance on March 1st, 2013.

2. But...because I will most likely have another c-section due to prior complications, he/she will likely arrive the week before.

3. This pregnancy was not not planned although happened a bit faster then we had not not planned - make sense?

4. I am 13 weeks along and officially in Trimester Two!  This seems like a huge feat considering how I have known since only 4 weeks along and the past 8 have seemed to dragged on.  And on.  And on.  And if you're wondering, yes, I was pregnant here (this is where I found out about baby and kept my secret from Chris all week while I had the shirt above made for Logan.  And the shirt is how I presented the news to him - so fun), here (which is why I have not kept up with such operation), and here (I have had to "borrow" a drink or two for photo opps these past couple of months).

5. Yes, we plan to find out the sex of the baby.

6. And that will take place on or around October 21st.  But who's counting?!

7. We would be thrilled with either a boy or a girl - which is good because I think that's all we can request.  But if I must choose, then I am rooting for 'Team Blue' this time around :)

8. I have no feelings whatsoever on whether it's a boy or girl in there but I can confirm there's not both - I had the ultrasound tech verify this on our first visit after a very vivid nightmare, I mean dream, of having two taking up residence.

9. No.  I have no idea where said baby will sleep (or live for that matter) in our house.

10. So, yes.  We may move.  And we may not.  We may have two kiddos that share a room for a while.  Time will tell on this one.  And yes, I'm aware that the clock is ticking.

11. I have been feeling pretty good.  The first trimester went something like this: Feel ravenously hungry.  Eat.  Feel insanely full after a few bites.  Feel nauseous.  Repeat all day long.  I also became narcoleptic and wanted to sleep anytime, anywhere and would when I was able.

12. Logan has mastered the words 'Big Sister'.  But, no.  She has no idea what exactly that means for her.

So there you have it folks.  We are thrilled and blessed and anxious and excited about this new chapter in our lives and I can't wait to share it with you!

And one teensy Facebook request:  If you are a "friend" of mine, please refrain from commenting over there just yet.  We are still making the rounds with family, friends and co-workers before making it FB official :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats! It is so hard to keep it a secret for so long! Good luck with the next two trimesters!

leslie said...

Yayyyyyyy!!!!! So happy for you guys - congrats!!!!!

Jeff and Emily said...

Congratulations!!! And good job with keeping it a secret that is impressive!! Having two is so much fun and so much easier than having one, if that makes sense. I had CRAZY dreams with JJ too, maybe this means boy?? Congrats again :)

Kara said...

Blog official...Congratulations!! I have to admit I have been checking every day to read the news! Hooray! It's going to be so much fun! So happy for you, Chris, and Logan!

Kate said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Such exciting news!!!

Amanda said...

Love seeing the 'official' news!! So excited for you guys. And remember, if you need a bigger house... we have those up here in Boulder County and I can give you a million reasons to head our way vs. down south- ha!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Tiffany, that is just amazing news!

Hildur said...

Congratulations! 2 is so much fun! Especially as they get older and become friends :)
Just to add, Jimmy and Ruby had to share a room for a little while too. It actually worked out so well that when we moved to a larger house I kept them in the same room. They're on the same sleep schedule, which keeps me sane, ha!

Jenn said...

Totally excited for the 4 :) of you

The Smaellies said...

Woohoo! Very exciting, congratulations!

Brandee said...

Well that is the LAST time I go a week without reading your blog. I miss out on stuff like THIS! Congrats!