Maternity Mondays: 17 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 weeks and 3 days.

Size of Baby: The size of an onion.

Total Weight Gain / Loss: I don't weigh myself in between doctor's visits, and at my last visit (Tuesday), I am still up +6 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing regular tops and maternity pants at this point and I am already living in leggings.

Movement: Still waiting...

Sleep: Thankfully, great.

What I miss: Nothing at the moment

Cravings: I have more of a sweet tooth these days and both Jelly Belly's and Reese's cups are both in our house at the moment.

Symptoms: Besides weight gain, no symptoms.

Best moment this week:  Thinking about names!

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: Honestly, she has been a pill this past week in terms of obeying Chris and I.  And not one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.  Discipline is something that we truly have not had to deal with up until this point and I will be the first to say, it's not fun or easy for that matter.

17 Week Photo(s):

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