Where the Wild Thing Is

...today she was the Denver Zoo.  Just a short walk from our house, the zoo is a favorite pastime of ours.

In other news, have you discovered Pic Monkey?  Thank you Emily for sharing your photo editing "secrets" with me.  

I figured that because we didn't have fancy editing software that I was out of luck in terms of making collages, adding text to photos, etc.  I am kind of behind the times like that.

Here is a glimpse of what this free (and easy!) site allows you to do - Check it out!


Stacey said...

I loved your third version of the edited polar bear picture. You are quite the artist! :)

How is the new elephant area at the zoo? I saw lots of the construction, but have yet to see the finished product!

Jeff and Emily said...

Isn't it awesome? And I still can't believe it's free! I always use it over my adobe photoshop because it's so much easier. I didn't know you guys lived so close to the zoo how fun is that?!