Chinese Gender Predictor: A Big Fat Fail

I was well prepared for more pink, sisterly love, double the trouble, matching outfits and coordinated bows when along came this news:

Logan is getting a baby....

We couldn't be more thrilled!!  We teared up when we heard, or rather saw the news and we certainly feel blessed to have "one of each" (just what I would have ordered on the menu).

While I had big plans of sharing the news with yall via gender reveal party pictures, I took a whopping zero.  I blame it on the fact that I was still putting on makeup and curling my hair when our first guests arrived and wasn't able to take the untouched "before" pictures of the set up.  That, and I was having way too much fun listening to people's guesses and sharing old wives tales to whip out the camera.

The party was a great success minus the fact that Chris spilled the beans just before everyone bit into my made-from-scratch-complete-wtih-a-blue-frosting-center cupcakes.  Seriously, that happened.

Anyhow, it goes without saying that either sex would have been great news, but I must admit that finally having a use for this little tote makes me jump for joy!

Can't wait to meet you, little boy.


Hildur said...

I've seriously checked your blog like 10 times the past 2 days hoping for an update, ha! Congratulations! Boys are so much fun. And just in my opinion, baby boys are way easier than baby girls, hehe :)

Jeff and Emily said...

Yay!!! Omg you will just love your little boy. I will admit I was a little nervous at first when we found out JJ was a he not a she (for about a minute then I got over it). It is so awesome to see the hubby interact with his little man and I am already seeing boy/girl differences. JJ is much more grabby, rolly, and interative than Johanna was- such a little man! SO happy for you :)

Kate said...

SO THRILLED for your upcoming Blue Adventure!!!