Maternity Mondays: 21 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 21 weeks and 3 days.

Size of Baby: The size of a small squash.  I'm going to go with Butternut.

Total Weight Gain / Loss: +9 pounds as of last Tuesday.

What I am wearing: Whatever I can find these days.  I have not purchased many maternity clothes this time around and when I was pregnant with Logan, it was during the Spring and Summer months so my maternity wardrobe is currently all out of whack.  To say I hate getting dressed in the morning is an understatement.  I hate to buy clothes that I know I won't be wearing in a few short months, yet I also hate having such limited options with my current threads.  Oh the dilemma.

Movement: Only a small bit.  Mostly towards my bladder and rarely anything up top.  Chris has yet to feel the little fellow.  Anterior placentas are kind of a bummer it turns out.

Sleep: Still getting 8-9 hours a night and loving it.

What I miss: Although I don't exactly miss any one thing, I also don't exactly love being pregnant.  I say this knowing how amazing the gift of pregnancy is and, of course, would do it 100 times over for the outcome.  But on a scale of 1-10, I'm about a 5 on the overall experience.   I won't be the one to gush about feeling "...the most beautiful I've ever felt" or relishing in pregnancy as "...the most amazing experience".  Just sayin'.

Cravings: I almost wrote nothing, but remembered how much the onion rings on the menu called to me last night and then again in the frozen section at the grocery store today.  Yummers.

Symptoms: Although it seems silly to have an excuse for general stupidity, pregnancy brain is real yall.  Can anyone else relate?  I feel as though I have checked my brain at the door most days by misplacing things left and right, losing my train of thought, not being able to complete sentences, mixing up words or is it 'mixing words up'?  It's pathetic really.

Best moment this week: Bring on the blue!  I am so happy knowing that baby is a healthy little boy.

*Bonus* LMK Happenings:  I really do need to write these things down as they happen.  I can think of a million times this week when I have said, "I need to blog about this".  And now?  Nothing.  I'm telling you: pregnancy brain.

21 Week Photos:

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Jeff and Emily said...

pregnancy brain is real...as well as 6 months baby brain oh and 2 year old brain... hmm I wonder if I'll ever get my brain back?! You look beautiful!