Shiny and New

Hold on to your hats.

My first piece of Christmas decor has gone up.

And to my liking, it's not so Christmas-y at all.

I had some time to kill last night before my Florence Crittenton Junior Board meeting and stumbled, quite literally, upon this beauty laying on the floor at Anthropologie.  Eggnog Latte in hand - I'm embracing the season (and the calories that come with it) - I made sure that no latte colored stains made their way onto this table runner that had. to. be. mine.

(Ahem, the fact that I get this excited about textiles is an entirely different conversation to be had, indeed).

I was sure that the price tag would blow my stockings off, but to my very pleasant surprise the Anthro Santa was "shining" down on me.

Merry Christmas to me, don't mind if I do.

I love how this adds a bit of glimmer to the table and for one who is usually strict about "NO Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving", I am anxiously awaiting the moment when I can pull out my Christmas tub from under the stairs and add to the table festivities.

When do you put up Holiday decor?  Feel free to convince me that it's not too early...


Jessica said...

In order to get ready for our little one arriving in early December, all of our Christmas decorations came out this week. We'll be trimming our tree this weekend :)

Hildur said...

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, but I put up most of my decorations yesterday, and I'm doing the tree this weekend. I also do the majority of my shopping before Black Friday. Basically I work really hard this week just to insure that the month of December I don't have to spend time dealing with anything that stresses me out (busy stores, burnt out lights, etc). I can truly devote the season to spending time with my family, baking and making it magical for Jimmy and Ruby. My husband thinks I'm bonkers for doing it this way, ha!

Jeff and Emily said...

Beautiful!! I love the tiny hints of Christmas in the shimmer. I haven't started decorating but I will admit...the Christmas music has begun in this house ;)