Maternity Mondays: 27 Weeks

Well, would you looky there.  A whole week with not a single post other than maternity highlights...

I apologize for the lameness of this blog lately.  I attempted three posts this past week but stopped short on all of them when I realized that I've got nothing.

My "Dancing Queen" post wouldn't have been entertaining without a video (and Logan does not like the papparazi recording her signature moves), my "Random Thoughts" post bored even me to tears and my "Oh Christmas Tree" post was premature given the fact that we didn't even have our tree until last night.

So Maternity Highlights it is.  Thank goodness for no-brainer entries.

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 weeks and 3 days.

Size of Baby: A Rutabega.  Which I have not seen nor tasted but by the picture on Baby Center, looks smaller than last week's head of lettuce.  What gives?

Total Weight Gain / Loss: +15 pounds at my last doctor's appointment.  I have my 28 week appointment tomorrow in which I will be weighed and have my glucose screen - bleh.

What I am wearing: In the picture below, I am wearing a Liz Lange tank in Medium, a cardigan from Loft (non maternity) and my Gap Demi Panel jeans.

Movement: Lots!  We have come a long way since I couldn't feel a thing from this little guy.

Sleep: Great since receiving my cortisone shot and since Logan has decided to return to waking up at 7 rather than 6 - wahoo!

What I miss: Feeling good - not missing much.

Cravings: Nothing notable.

Symptoms: As I become larger, my heartburn is getting worse.  I need to cool it on the Tums as I just saw yesterday that 10 is the maximum number you should have in a day.  I have been popping these things like it's my job.

Best moments this week: Getting our Christmas tree, stringing lights, general holiday festivities and...

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: We have made HUGE progress with potty training people (cue the angels belting "Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!")

I seriously thought we may have to go back to diapers and I was fully prepared to hang my head and duck my tale between my legs when I had to give someone an update.

But by the grace of the Potty Gods, Logan is getting the hang of it.  I am not sure how it feels when your kid graduates high school, gets into Med school or walks down the aisle, but I am pretty sure the pride I feel when she makes it to the potty or keeps dry for a car ride is pretty damn close.

She is down to pull ups only at naps and bedtime and for the most part, goes all day in her "princess panties" - she picked em' - while staying dry and going on the potty when I put her on.  We are still not to the point where she tells me every time she has to go (but rather waits until I bring her to the potty), but that's okay with me for now since we are in large part avoiding accidents.  She is even going in public restrooms which is huge.  #2 is our next goal as the girl has a complex about doing it on the potty.  Baby steps.  I am just happy that my own panties are no longer in a wad with this potty training business!

27 Week Photo:

PS: I just love Ellen.  3:00pm is a favorite time in our house.  Anyone else?

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